How DGF Helps

Our Services To Children And Families:

Since 1999, DGF has provided direct services to childhood cancer patients, but we have not done it alone. DGF does not identify patients in need of services, but relies on a team of social workers from City of Hope (Duarte, CA) for screening and referrals. These social workers identify families in need, and try to match patients to programs, sources of funds, and community resources. Often, the children and families referred to us are suffering some of the most complicated and severe cases of childhood cancers. DGF receives referrals for the following services: lodging, assistance with rent, utility and car payments, grocery cards, gas cards, and –in many cases- last wishes for these very ill children. When all other means of support and assistance are exhausted, or a family does not qualify for any programs or insurances, or where a need is urgent, the hospital staff knows they can find programs and financial support at DGF. The hospital and DGF take special care in identifying, referring and serving patients most in need.

DGF offers two major programs to patients and their families:

Emotional Support Programs, which include:

  • Supportive Care (counseling, social workers, psychology interns, childcare, etc.);
  • Education (tutoring, school re-integration, scholarships);
  • Child Life (picnics, pajama parties, holiday celebrations, decorations, art therapy);
  • Wish List (special birthday celebrations, field trips/special trips);
  • End of Life (books, support groups, bereavement, funeral expenses).

Economic Support Programs, which include:

  • Meals (grocery cards, dinners, restaurant certificates, food vouchers);
  • Transportation (gas cards, taxi vouchers, shuttle service);
  • Medical Treatment (prescriptions, medical supplies, co-payments, equipment);
  • Extended Stay (lodging/hotels);
  • Financial Assistance (loss of family income, utility bills, car payments, rent, etc.)